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Business Intelligence
Analytics + Power BI 

Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services help companies retrieve actionable insights out of their raw data to accelerate decision-making and improve business performance.

Do you need to build BI from scratch or introduce changes into the existing BI solution? We render BI consulting services to help you nail any of these challenges.

For new implementations and revamps, our consultants:

  • consolidate the departments scattered needs and recommend the BI solution’s design where data from multiple sources and various analytical systems is integrated, secure, accurate and reliable ;

  • create a detailed roadmap that covers all the steps required to launch a BI solution successfully ;

  • design a user adoption strategy and conduct user training to ensure that your employees are well aware of the available features and capabilities and can use the solution with confidence.

While improving your existing BI solution, we identify the evident and hidden problems that hinder your BI solution’s smooth performance and come up with the improvement roadmap containing structured recommendations on how to solve these problems.


If you want to start with a first BI solution, we recommend Microsoft Power BI, which is a collection of tools used to import, aggregate and present data in the form of immersive and easy-to-digest reports and visuals.

Why the Microsoft solution? Simply because Power BI is recognized as a leader among analytics and BI platforms by the major research companies (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc.). And the best for data analysis for all non-technical business users.


Our Power BI consulting services involve assistance with implementing and customizing a Power BI platform, as well as promptly upgrading the existing Power BI solution. As a result, businesses can translate their raw data into accurate analytics insights with rich visuals and compelling dashboards.

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