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Anytime, anywhere, anyplace is a reality

The ATAWADAC concept has turned into a reality. The way you experience your daily life has drastically changed. But how your working habits ? 


We propose innovative business services and solutions based on lean principles. Lean is not just a tool set or method for improvement but a business philosophy. Want to try something efficient ?

Our expertises

A consultant is a professional individual or business practice that provides expert advice to others.

Nos services

Lean Project Management

Wondering what lean project management is and what it can do for you and your organisation? Learn more about our methodology.

Business Process Management

BPM can help optimize procedures throughout an organization. Combined to a digital transformation project, it is a killer app!

Business Intelligence

Exploit data and use business analytics to better drive your business and gain time to market.

Growth Marketing

Learn how apply growth hacking strategies for your own business.

And not only for startups!

Document Management

Looking for a way to collaborate, share and secure documents and emails ? And gain 1 hour of work every day ? 

Cloud Consulting

Digitally transform your business faster, smarter and easier.

Our solutions

Digital Asset Management

Emails and Documents

A new way to collaborate with Dynamic Flows 

Time Management

Time Management & Reporting Solution with Ease My Time

Growth Hacking

Growth Solution for your business 

Coming soon >

Your solution

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Our partners

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« A new way of collaborating around documents, e-mails and content for your digital transformation »

To know more about us

To know more about us, you can either continue reading the pages of our website, explore our different services and learn more about the solutions we can propose... or you can directly contact us now to schedule a call or a meeting.

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